Fairy Tail Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

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Fairy Tail Manga

We know that Gildarts is back and we can?t wait to know just how strong he?s become. But all we can do now is to wish that the next chapter update will be published soon. So in the meantime, check out these equally exciting news about your favorite, Fairy Tail manga series.

Fairy Tail Manga 10th Anniversary Exhibit

This September 17 to 25, Hiro Mashima?s Fairy Tail manga will have an art exhibit to commemorate the manga?s 10th year anniversary. The said exhibit will feature art from the first chapter up to the the current Alvarez arc and will be held at the beautiful Tokyo Skytree Town, a famous tourist destination in Japan. Reproductions of the manga?s original art will be sold during this event. (35th issue of Kodansha?s Weekly Shonen Magazine)

AnimeNewsNetwork reported that the exhibit will also showcase life-size figures of Natsu, Lucy, and Happy as well as exhibit merchandise exclusives.

New Fairy Tail Collectibles

Here a some of the newly released PVC Fairy Tail collectible figures this year.

Check out the details on this Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfilia Cat Gravure Style PVC Figure by Orca Toys. These figures were sculpted by Clumsy Zero. The Erza figure features her strong toned body with a sword in one hand. While the Lucy figure, available in black or white bikini and cat ears, is just oozing with cuteness.?Fairy Tail Manga

Fairy Tail Manga

FairyTail Manga

Toy manufacturer X-Plus has released early this year a Yukino Aguria and Lucy Heartfilia 1/7 scale figures. Both feature the 2 Fairy Tail characters in a sexy swimsuit.?

Fairy Tail Manga

Fairy Tail Manga

Hiro Mashima?s Twitter

Mashima?s twitter, where he mostly interacts with fans, has been flooded with greetings for Fairy Tail?s 10th Anniversary. If you haven?t been following him, you?re missing out on a lot of twitter exclusives like Mashima?s doodles (mostly Fairy Tail) and announcements.

Fairy Tail has grown into a pop franchise that was able to produce two television anime, manga spinoff, and 2 anime films. The series revealed that they are currently working on a new project while Fairy Tail manga is now on its 496th chapter.

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