Fairy Tail 528 Spoilers: The Fall Of August

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The upcoming Fairy Tail 528 will again be action-packed featuring the demise of the strongest Spriggan member, August. However, it seems like the installment will also surprise fans as August is expected to be defeated by an unexpected character. Also, the end of Natsu and Zeref’s duel might conclude in the upcoming chapter, which makes the installment more interesting.

Back in the previous chapter, fans saw August deciding to finally destroy the city of Magnolia. He came up with the idea thinking that it would make Zeref, his father, proud of him. The strongest Spriggan member was ready to sacrifice his life just to deliver the final blow. But, something came up and it changed his mind.

Apparently, his emotions stopped him from blasting the entire city. Midway in casting the spell, August saw his mother Mavis in an alley dying. That scenario made him cease and wish he had the chance to hug his own mother. However, although he canceled it out, the amount of magic he used caused his body to disintegrate.


That scene brings us to spoilers for Fairy Tail 528. Rumor has it that the next chapter of the manga series will feature August’s end. Should that be the case, then that is definitely a disappointing end for the strongest Spriggan 12 member. But since this is just a rumor circulating online, chances of it not happening is still open.

All-Out-War On Fairy Tail 528

Aside from the defeat of August, the next chapter is also said to feature the climax of Natsu and Zeref’s battle. In the previous chapter, the latter has completely lost himself to the Ankhseram Black Magic. According to Christian Post, he can only perfect it once he totally disregards the value of human life. And obviously, Zeref is already in that state which will bring the strongest version of himself.

Natsu, on the other hand, will of course not go down easily. The fire mage already declared that he is now disregarding the bond they had before. Meaning, fans should expect an all-out-war in the upcoming chapter. The end of the fight might even take place in the 528th chapter so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

There you have it! Some of the latest spoilers and rumors about Fairy Tail 528. What other things do you expect to happen in the next chapter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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