Fairy Tail 517 Predictions: Erza To Kill Wendy For The Guild

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After an action-packed chapter, fans should expect Fairy Tail 517 to turn the heat up even more. Based on what has transpired in the previous installment, it is obvious that Erza is willing to kill her own mother for the sake of her friends.

Readers saw a very mad Eileen in the previous chapter as Erza insists she has met her one true family, the Fairy Tail guild. It was after Eileen, the strongest Spriggan 12 member, confirmed that she is Erza’s mother. As a result, her rage against Fairy Tail members fires up.

It then led to a fight between mother and daughter. However, it would be harder for Eileen to beat Erza as Wendy is fighting alongside the Fairy Tail member. Wendy is a Belserion dragon slayer who knows enchantments similar to Eileen. With her on Erza’s side, they will be difficult to take down.

Although it seems like Erza and Wendy have the upperhand, Eileen knew what she had to do. Knowing that she and Wendy have similar physical and magical power, Eileen enchanted herself into the latter’s body. The process made her weak which gives Erza enough time to finally kill her.

However, Fairy Tail 517 will bring a whole new problem for Erza. For her to kill Eileen, she would have to go through Wendy first. This fact led to a personal speculation that the Fairy Tail member would have to end the Belserion’s life.

Another possibility is that Wendy will intentionally kill herself to stop Eileen’s magic. These personal theories are all suggesting a dramatic episode that will be out next week. Hopefully, Erza will find a way to get through her friend without badly hurting her.

Readers, keep in mind that you should take these theories with a grain of salt for they are just fan-based speculations. You can also share your insights in the comment section below. Fairy Tail 517 will come out on January 11, Wednesday.

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