Fairy Tail 518 Predictions: Ezra To Unlock Dragon Abilities After Wendy’s Death

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Readers would have to wait for another week before finally reading Fairy Tail 518. But, based on what is about to happen in the upcoming installment, things that might happen in the next chapter can already be speculated.

In chapter 516, Erza and Wendy went up against the strongest member of Spriggan 12, Eileen. When the two seemed to have the upperhand, Eileen casted herself to Wendy as they have similar physical and magical power. The process made Eileen weaker giving Erza enough time to kill the Spriggan member. But, the latter will face a whole new problem in the next installment.

For Erza to kill Eileen, she would have to go through Wendy. This fact would suggest that the 517th installment will feature a dramatic duel between two Fairy Tail members. Personally, it seems like Erza will decide to kill Wendy to take down Eileen. But, another possibility is that Wendy would decide to kill herself in order to end the problem.


Should that be the case, then Fairy Tail 518 is going to be one of the saddest installments in the series. If Wendy would die, Erza and the other guild members are expected to release their emotions and might even unlock some new abilities.

Erza would be the one who will really be affected by Wendy’s death. They have fought together for quite some time already especially against Acnologia’s underlings. This would also result to a personal speculation that she will open a new skill that could defeat Acnologia himself.

Speaking of a new ability, it could be related to her dragon blood. The previous chapters revealed that Erza is Eileen’s daughter. It also unveiled the fact that Erza’s father could possibly be a dragon. So, if Wendy would actually die, it could awaken Erza’s dragon blood and might transform her into a flying, scaly creature.

How about you? Do you think Wendy would die in the upcoming chapter? Or, will Erza be able to save her from Eileen? Chapter 517 will be released on January 11 while Fairy Tail 518 will hit the internet on January 18. Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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