Fairy Tail 516 Spoilers and Chapter 515 Recap: Erza Transforms Eileen Back to her Human Form

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Fairy Tail 516 Spoilers

Eileen?s story is sad and pitiful that most hope in the end, she and her daughter will make up. Her hatred towards humans is presumed to be the reason why she acts the way she does. Will Erza forgive her Mother? Will Eileen wake up from her darkness? Here is a chapter 515 recap and spoilers for Fairy Tail 516.

Erza?s Father

Eileen reveals that Erza?s father was a general from a neighboring country. They used to fight together in the battlefield and when Belserion died, he took care of Eileen. Shortly when Eileen?s appearance changed because of the Dragon power inside her, the general and along with the other people turned against her.

The citizens feel that Eileen will also end up like Acnologia so they locked her up and tortured her. One day the general came to tell her that she will be executed, Eileen begged him for the sake of the child in her belly. He refused to believe that she is pregnant and even tried to cut her belly open. This infuriated the Scarlet Witch who transformed herself into a Dragon.

Eileen and Zeref

Her wrath begins, destroying everything in her path, while trying to convince herself that she is still human. A hundred years passed and Erza is still growing inside her. She meets Zeref for the first time, who recognized her as a human. The wizard then changes her back to a human form.

Much to her surprise, only her appearance changed but inside she remains a dragon. In her desperation to become human again, she tries to cast enchantment to herself into the child in her belly. Unfortunately, this failed and she abandoned Erza for being useless.

Erza?s Resolve

Fairy Tail 516 Spoilers

After hearing Eileen?s story, Erza says she is grateful for giving birth to her and for abandoning her as well. Because of this, she is able to meet the one she considers her real family. The chapter ends with Erza getting ready to fight her mother once again.

Fairy Tail 516 Spoilers

The next chapter will reveal a particular detail about enchantment. Some say that the effects of Eileen?s previous enchantment will take effect on Erza now that she is more aware of it. This will help her defeat the Spriggan to the extent of bringing her back her human heart.

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