Fairy Tail 515 Spoilers and Chapter 515 Recap: Erza is Half- Dragon Half- Human

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Fairy Tail 515 Spoilers

Chapter 514 was all about the backstory of Eileen and a little bit of how Erza was brought to life. Fans anticipate that in Fairy Tail 515, Eileen?s story will continue and that it will reveal Natsu’s fate.

Humans and Dragons

Eileen?s story begins four hundred years ago. She lived in Dragnov Kingdom, wherein, humans and dragons live harmoniously. The dragons from the said kingdom possess high intelligence than that of the west. Dragons from the west attack and devour humans.

Lord Belserion worries that soon the dragons from the west will come and ruin the peace in their land. He tells Eileen that no matter what, they will protect humans. In the present time, Eileen recounts that this was the beginning of the war that later became known as the Dragon King Festival.

Dragon Slayers

Eileen then continues with her story, the war breaks and dragons from the west attacks Dragnov. When Dragnov Kingdom was on the losing end of the war, Eileen offered to join the fight. She asks Belserion to bestow his dragon power to her, making her the first Dragon Slayer.

With this, the mother of dragon Slayers, turns the favor on their side. However, this dragon power could not be controlled by humans. Others got sick and went on a rampage, while Eileen, was said to be slowly transforming into a dragon.

The chapter ends with Eileen?s skin breaking and showing dragon scales. In her womb, Erza is growing.

Fairy Tail 515 Spoilers

Fairy Tail 515 Spoilers

It could be that once Eileen?s story is completed, it will explain what exactly is happening to Natsu. Fans say that it could be that he is also transforming into a dragon. Eileen herself would then be the key into either stopping Natsu?s transformation or bringing him back to his human form.

Also in Fairy Tail 515, rumor has it that Eileen will reveal who Erza?s father is. Some say there is ?possibility that Erza is a half-dragon, half-human. Acnologia is speculated to be her father.

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