Fairy Tail 515 Spoilers: Acnologia Is Erza’s Father; Natsu and Erza Going Up Against Each Other

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The latest chapter of the manga series Fairy Tail could not be more interesting as it unveils a lot of secrets in the story. Based on what happened in the previous installment, it seems like Erza?s identity will be further tackled in chapter 515.

In the previous installment, readers had a journey on Eileen?s backstory. She lived in a kingdom called Dragnov where they are co-existing with dragons peacefully. It was also mentioned that the dragons from the west and those in their kingdom have huge differences.

According to Eileen, the dragons in their kingdom are more intelligent compared to the ones in the west. The dragons in the west are more dangerous as they attack humans for no apparent reason. Dragnov?s leader, Lord Belserion, was worried that west dragons might attack their kingdom as well. As a result, he told Eileen they should protect humans whatever the circumstances are.

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Now, the war against the west dragons broke out and it was called the Dragon King Festival. However, Dragnov was on the losing end of the war as the dragons from the west overpowered them. Eileen then expressed her desire to enter the war and asked Belserion to grant her his dragon power.

After receiving the dragon powers, Eileen became the very first dragon slayer. The installment concluded showing Eileen?s skin turning into dragon scale while Erza was in her womb. These events from the last chapter certainly generated speculations for the upcoming Fairy Tail 515.

Rumor has it that Erza?s identity will be further discovered in the next chapter. Based on the previous events, it is safe to say that Erza is a half-dragon half-human mage. Also, her father might also be unveiled in the next installment. According to speculations, it could be Acnologia, the dragon that Natsu is after.

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Should that be the case, there are theories that Natsu and Erza are going to fight each other. As Natsu tries to kill Acnologia, Erza will be there to defend her father. On a good note, there are as well speculations that Erza would rather kill her father than lose her close friend.

Speaking of Natsu, he is going through a hard time as shown in the previous chapters. Fans believe that his body is starting to transform into a dragon. If that is correct, then the match between Acnologia and him will be even as they are both in dragon form. But, some believe that Eileen and Erza would do something in the next chapter to prevent him from turning into a dragon.

How about you? Who do you think is the father of Erza? Will Natsu become a dragon? Let us all wait and see what will happen next in Fairy Tail 515. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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