Fairy Tail 514 Spoilers, Updates, and Chapter 513 Recap: Mother vs Daughter; Who is Erza?s Father

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Fairy Tail 514 Spoilers

Finally, the biggest revelation we have been waiting for since Eileen came into the picture has been revealed. Eileen is the mother of Erza! Now the question is, who is Erza?s father? Here is a recap of chapter 513 and spoilers for Fairy Tail 514.

End of Rahkeid

After Sting defeated Rahkeid, everyone was just exhausted and could not go on any further. Minerva sees Kagura and she apologizes for what she did to her during the Grand Magic Games. Kagura then assures her that everything is all good between them now.

Meanwhile, Sorano is still suffering from the effects of Rahkeids magic. While the others have admitted that they could no longer fight. Kagura wishes for Erza to succeed and not die.

In Fairy Tail 514, some say Rahkeid will still be revived by Zeref as he needs him to fight Acnologia.

Mother vs. Daughter

Erza and Eileen go at it like there?s no tomorrow. With the help of Wendy, Erza?s power is enhanced. Her speed to became quicker. However, Eileen doesn?t get shaken as she is able to block her every move.

When Erza distances herself, Eileen sends an explosion her way. Erza retaliates using her Heaven?s Wheel Blumenblatt. Despite this massive blow, Eileen escapes unscathed. She sarcastically tells Erza that she has earned a Flower Circle for doing a good job in fighting her.

Fairy Tail 514 Spoilers

Erza demands Eileen tell them who she is. But the Scarlet Despair says Erza should know who she is. Erza responds, ?I know nothing of the likes of you?. With this, ?Eileen reveals, ?I am your mother.?

Erza accuses Eileen of lying, saying that she was completely alone in Rosemary. The only parent she considers is her Master. With this, Eileen says she too doesn?t feel anything for her child. In fact, she thought she was dead long ago. Erza then continues to treat her mother as the enemy, attacking her before she could speak any further.

The chapter ends with Eileen hinting the secret to Erza?s birth and that she is the former Queen of Dragons.

Surely we?ll get more information about Erza?s birth in Fairy Tail 514. Rumor has it that the King of Dragons, Acnologia, is Erza?s father.

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