Fairy Tail 511 Spoilers: Sting to the Rescue; Natsu Dies?

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Fairy Tail 511 Spoilers

We finally get to see young Zeref and Natsu with their parents on a flashback featured on chapter 510. Is Natsu slowly getting his memories back? Will recalling this awaken END? Here is a chapter 510 recap and spoilers for Fairy Tail 511.

Natsu?s Memories

Upon checking the injuries of Gray, Juvia and Natsu, Porlyusica worries. While Juvia and Gray are going to be okay, Natsu, on the other hand, is in grave danger. The mass inside his body cannot be cured by either Porlyusica or Brandish. It has already transformed into something more powerful than their magic. While everyone was observing Natsu, Lucy felt that his skin is getting cold. Is Natsu dying?

The next scene shows what Natsu is dreaming about. He is in a very cold place and Zeref appears. Zeref reveals that they are inside his heart and that he will die soon. Natsu?s older brother continues to say that he is there to bring back the memories he lost. He begins by telling Natsu that these are memories from before he awakened in X777, before he was with Igneel.

Zeref shows Natsu what they were like as a family in small village. The chapter even shows their parents. One day a dragon attacks the village, killing both their parents and Natsu himself. Zeref reveals that after a long research, he was finally able to resurrect Natsu as his last demon, END.

Zeref was the one who entrusted Natsu to Igneel. He then leaves a very peculiar line: ?Sooner or later I?m sure THAT CHILD will meet Wendy..? Fans say Zeref is referring to Rahkeid. What could be his relation to Wendy?


Fairy Tail 511 Spoilers

Zeref vanishes and Sting replaces him. Sting tells Natsu to follow him so he can get the answers.

In Fairy Tail 511, Sting will reveal what really lurks inside Natsu?s body. Rumor has it that it is darkness, the opposite of what Rahkeid has.

Back in the real world, Sting comes to rescue Kagura and Yukino. He fights with Rahkeid briefly showing that he can take his attacks. The chapter ends with him saying that nothing ?white? will affect him.

A theory for Fairy Tail 511 states that Sting, even though he is a dragon slayer, would not be able to take down Rahkeid. He will perhaps weaken him and buy Mavis some time to get to them. In the end, it will be Mavis, mother of Rahkeid, who will finish the job.

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