Fairy Tail 510 Spoilers: Natsu Confesses His Love for Lucy? Natsu Versus Rahkeid?

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Fairy Tail 510 Spoilers

While most Zeref-Mavis shippers are happy to learn about their having a child, most are still confused as to how and when this happened. However, we fear that this question will not be answered soon as the the title for Fairy Tail 510 is Natsu?s Heart.


NaLu fans hope that the next chapter will indeed show Natsu confessing his love for Lucy. But on a serious note, the chapter surely means the tumor in Natsu?s heart. If you recall, Brandish shrunk this tumor in the past and when the two of them had a confrontation recently, she reversed her magic and made the tumor grow back to its original size.

When the tumor got big again, we all thought that Natsu has awakened E.N.D. But fortunately, Erza was able to stop his transformation somehow. Rumor has it that in Fairy Tail 510, we?ll find out if the tumor can still be shrunk or taken out completely.

Other rumors are circulating that before Natsu and Lucy can get to Porlyusica, they are bound to stumble upon Rahkeid.

Fairy Tail 510 Spoilers


Rahkeid is last seen fighting Yukino and Kagura. The last chapter ended with Kagura falling to the ground and bleeding from her torso. Should Natsu and Lucy encounter him, we can expect Natsu to break from his conscious state and go berserk again. After all, Rahkeid is a very dangerous opponent. Hopefully we also get an explanation on how he came to be Zeref?s son in the next chapter.

Erza and Eileen

It has also been long since Eileen?s cliffhanger moment when she introduced herself to Erza. Leaving us with a vague line saying she and Erza are one and the same. Some predict that the Eileen is the future Erza and this will be revealed in the coming chapter.

We?d love to hear your theories for Fairy Tail 510. Post your comments below.

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