Fairy Tail 504 Spoilers: A Naked Lucy; Natsu Losing Sanity to E.N.D?

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Fairy Tail 504 Spoilers

No time for introductions! Here is a chapter 503 recap and Fairy Tail 504 spoilers.

A naked Lucy?

We?re pretty sure the boys are having a blast during this chapter. Lucy wakes up in Dimaria?s lair tied to a chair (in a very lewd position) and sees Natsu tied up as well. Dimaria torments her, saying that they were the ones who killed Brandish and not her. They (Natsu and Lucy) were the ones who broke her. Dimaria shows off her teleporting ability and strips off Lucy?s bikini top. She also taunts Lucy that she plans to gouge her eyes out. Lucy defiantly says she doesn?t care if she goes blind because the smiles of her friends are imprinted in her heart.

For a brief moment our hearts stopped as the next scene shows Lucy sprawled on the floor with bloody eyes. But then she opens her eyes (whew!) and finds blood splattered on her face. Next to her is Dimaria, in terrible shape, mumbling monster. Where is Natsu?

Porlyusica with Evergreen and Brandish appear looking for Natsu as well. She goes to explain what had awaken inside Natsu is a sinister, demonic power.

Happy knows this is E.N.D. and in Fairy Tail 504, he will perhaps reveal this.

A naked Lucy passionately declares he will search for Natsu; Brandish and Evergreen tease her for forgetting that she?s naked.

Gray, Zeref, and Natsu

END/Natsu is seen searching for Zeref. But along the way Gray finds him. Somehow, Natsu?s consciousness remains intact as he still remembers who Gray is. It is also good to note that since Natsu awakened because of Lucy, we can say that Natsu perhaps reacts to her. So maybe she can also be the one to bring him back?

In Fairy Tail 504, fans say Zeref will come in and mess up Natsu and Gray?s mind. It might be too soon to have a Gray versus E.N.D. though, so expect to see a prolonged drama about friendship and the feud between brothers. Maybe Juvia, Lucy will come at the right time before Natsu is fully consumed by END.

Fairy Tail 504 Spoilers

Plus there?s also Erza and Eileen?s confrontation, surely it will take time before we get to THE battle. Keep it here on The BitBag for Fairy Tail 504 updates.

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