Fairy Tail 503 Spoilers: Eileen?s Wrath; Brandish Friend or Foe?

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Fairy Tail 503 Spoilers

E.N.D. will probably awaken sooner than we thought, unless Brandish shrinks the tumor once again. Will she switch sides and help out Natsu and his friends? Or will Brandish prove to Dimaria that her loyalty is with the Alvarez, by killing Natsu or Lucy? Meanwhile, Eileen is out to hunt down Mavis. Here are Fairy Tail 503 spoilers and predictions.


Trapped inside Dimaria?s lair, Lucy and Natsu are tied up to a chair while Dimaria begins her torture plan. Simultaneously, Porlyusica finds Brandish (who is still alive by the way and will continue to live) and tells her that Natsu?s tumor was not an Anti-Ethernano but something far worse, which could result to END?s awakening.

As everything now seems to point that Natsu will awaken END, Dimaria will perhaps trigger this. Once Natsu sees Lucy being tortured (hopefully just tortured and not killed), he will go berserk.

Fairy Tail 503 Spoilers

Brandish, friend or foe?

This could definitely go two ways. One is, Brandish can shrink Natsu?s tumor to prevent Dimaria?s death. She does owe Dimaria this much. For sure, Brandish knows that neither one of them can stand against END anyways.

Or perhaps, Brandish will still shrink Natsu?s tumor and become an ally to the Fairy Tail Guild. She will first help Porlyusica, and the rest of the FT members, to find Natsu and then face Dimaria. Brandish will fight Dimaria and try to stop her.

Brandish killing Lucy or Natsu will only bring trouble to them. So if she plans to prove to Dimaria her loyalty to Alvarez, the smart way would be to bring Natsu to Zeref before he unleashes E.N.D.

Eileen?s wrath

Eileen, being the strongest woman in Spriggan, is tasked to extract the Fairy Heart from Mavis. The process, however, took longer than it should. To make matters worse for her, Zeref comes in to tell her that Mavis fooled her with her illusion magic to escape. Eileen, now full of rage, hunts down Mavis.

In Fairy Tail 503, expect Eileen to bump into Erza, revealing to us their untold story.

Are they Mother-Daughter or are they sisters? Can Erza and the rest of the FT members with Mavis fight off Eileen?

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