Fairy Tail 503 Spoilers and 502 Recap: Brandish To Switch Sides? END is Coming

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Fairy Tail 503 Spoilers

With Invel?s defeat, Mavis is surely out of the Ice Lock Spell. But can she go head to head with Eileen? What will happen to Natsu now that his tumor is back to its original size? Here is a recap of chapter 502: Mavis and Zera, and Fairy Tail 503 spoilers.

Eileen hunts down Mavis

Eileen, being the strongest woman in Spriggan, is tasked to extract the Fairy Heart from Mavis. The process, however, is taking longer than it should and to make matters worse for her, Zeref comes into the room, disrupting her focus. Zeref says that he wants to talk to Mavis one last time. Turns out, Mavis has played a trick on Eileen, giving her a chance to escape. The real Zeref comes in to tell Eileen that Mavis fooled her with her illusion magic. Enraged, Eileen willingly accepts Zeref?s instruction to pursue Mavis.

In Fairy Tail 503, Eileen will go out to find Mavis. While pursuing her, she will bump into Erza, revealing to us their untold story. Are they Mother-Daughter or are they sisters?

Mavis and Zera

Mavis is seen trying to escape the Guild by climbing a boulder. While thinking of a way to reconvene with her friends, Mest Gryder comes to the rescue. Later on they find out that Zera has been the one guiding everyone to the guild. Such as with Gajeel, Levy, Droy, Jet and Lily, who found each other at the right time.

After saying their farewells, Zera returns to Mavis? consciousness. Mavis then declares, ?Now the time has come for all of us to return to the place where we belong.. Our home.. Our guild,? as she takes the lead once again.


Trapped inside Dimaria?s lair, Lucy and Natsu are tied up to a chair while Dimaria begins her torture plan. Simultaneously, Porlyusica finds Brandish (who was still alive by the way and will continue to live) and tells her that Natsu?s tumor was not an Anti-Ethernano but something far worse.

Fairy Tail 503 Spoilers

Could it be that Natsu is beginning to awaken E.N.D.? Dimaria will perhaps trigger this when Natsu sees Lucy being tortured in Fairy Tail 503.

Brandish becomes an ally?

On the side, it seems that apart from Dimaria, no other Spriggan has treated Brandish with care. This will probably make her switch sides and aid the Fairy Tail Guild in finding Natsu. Because she has unfinished business with Dimaria and because of what she will learn about Natsu?s E.N.D., Brandish will come and face Dimaria once again to try and stop her.

We?d love to hear your theories about E.N.D. Post them in the comments section below.

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