Fairy Tail 502 Spoilers: Gray To Beat Dimaria? Brandish Still Alive?

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Fairy Tail 502 is going to be out next week. But, as early as now, there are already speculations following last chapter?s events. Rumor has it that Dimaria will finally be defeated in the next installment by Gray. Plus, is there really a possibility that Brandish is still alive?

First of all, let us have a quick recap of Chapter 501. It can be recalled that Natsu faced Brandish in the previous installment. However, it was not really a fight after the latter easily took the fire mage down. As a result, Lucy challenged Brandish to a battle.

The stellar mage said that if she would beat Brandish, the Spriggan 12 member should heal Natsu. Although she knows Lucy cannot stand a chance against her, Brandish still agreed to the condition.

As the two fight, Dimaria appeared on the battlefield. The other Spriggan 12 member mentioned that she has been watching all along and noticed that Brandish does not have any intention of killing Lucy, Natsu and Happy. So, Dimaria attacked Brandish with her age seal leaving the fans thinking whether or not the latter is dead.

Fairy Tail 502 Spoilers

Now, rumor has it that Gray will finally locate Natsu, Lucy and Happy. He will then face Dimaria using his ice magic and will eventually defeat her. Also, there are speculations that the ice mage will find it easy beating the Spriggan 12 member. However, it is a known fact that Dimaria is a formidable foe, so taking her down should be a hard task to do.

Aside from the arrival of Gray, predictions state that Brandish is still alive. As a member of the Spriggan 12, she should be able to take such devastating blows. Plus, if ever she is indeed alive, there are possibilities that Brandish will join Natsu and the gang in their war against Zeref. Should that be the case, it will certainly be a huge turn of events.

How about you? What other things do you expect in Fairy Tail 502? Aside from Gray, who do you think will save Lucy from Dimaria? Is Brandish really alive? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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