Fairy Tail 500 Spoilers: Gray Finds Out END?s Identity; Wendy Will Heal Juvia?

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Fairy Tail 500

Chapter 499 gave us a major heartbreak. For the first time, we were actually hoping that we would be wrong in predicting Juvia?s death. But it happened as predicted, sacrificing her life for Gray to live. It still came as a surprise though, seeing Juvia?s lifeless body in Gray?s arms. Here is a recap and Fairy Tail 500 spoilers.


Gray – Juvia

As we previously stated, Juvia?s death (or Juvia herself) is very essential to the awakening of Gray?s Darkness or Devil Transformation. If he were to ever face END or Acnologia or even just the best of Spriggans, Gray would have to level up sooner or later. Juvia?s death was the perfect way to go about it. Now he is full of anger and intent to defeat Invel. In Fairy Tail 500 we can now expect Invel?s defeat as well as the possibility of Invel revealing END?s identity to Gray to torture him all the more.


As for Juvia, we feel there is hope. Maybe she just passed out or if she is truly dead, Juvia and Gruvia fans are saying that she?ll be resurrected. Knowing Mashima, he always finds a way to bring beloved characters back to life. Maybe once Wendy comes, she can heal an unconscious (not dead) Juvia. So stay strong Gruvia fans! Think about Nakama Power!


Gray?s Darkness

We really believe that Juvia?s next role would be to bring back Gray?s sanity. Surely as he goes against Invel once again, Gray will go on a rampage, allowing his devil magic to fully consume him. Invel, on the other hand, seems to be the type who, even though taking damage, will be happy that his plan is coming into play. Invel will taunt Gray all the more to bring out his darkness. What will happen when Gray finds out that END is Natsu?

Fairy Tail 500


In Fairy Tail 500: Fire and Ice, being that it is a milestone chapter, we can expect more mind-blowing plot twists and an awesome revelation. Once Gray defeats Invel, Mavis will now be free and hopefully can weaken Eileen a bit until Erza comes. Erza and Eileen?s connection needs to be revealed soon as well.


We believe that deep down Zeref will still try to protect his brother Natsu. What are your theories about END? Post them below in the comments section.


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