Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers: Top Fairy Tail Secrets To Be Revealed

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Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers

With so many events and secrets unfolding in the latest chapters of Fairy Tail Alvarez Arc, fans can?t help but come up with more?theories and predictions. Here are the top 5 secrets?that we can expect to be revealed or debunked in the coming Fairy Tail 499 and beyond.

#1 Gildarts is Igneel?s Counterpart

This theory that Gildarts is Igneel?s Edolas counterpart came about because of their similarities. Igneel is The Fire Dragon King and a foster father to Natsu while Gildarts Clive is the 5th Fairy Tail Guild master and father to Cana Alberion. We could say that to Natsu, Gildarts is also a father figure especially when Igneel was gone. Both Gildarts and Igneel fought with Acnologia and lost an arm. Though most fans believe that this theory is unlikely to be true, because of the fact that Gildarts uses magic and that he was never in Edolas – but nevertheless, it would still be so cool to imagine Gildarts with dragon slaying magic right?

#2 Invel is a God Slayer

Invel being able to freeze Natsu?s flames and make Gray shiver just goes to show how tough of an opponent he is. Rumor has it that for Invel to make Natsu ineffective, he would have to have some sort of ice devil slayer or god slayer magic which is aptly expected from Zeref?s right hand man. There is also the theory of Invel being related to Lyon (they could be siblings?) because of their similar appearance. We?ll probably learn of his backstory in the coming chapters.

#3 Eileen is Erza?s Mother

Fairy Tail 497 confirmed that Erza and Eileen are connected as we see in the scene where Eileen orders Neinhart to kill Erza. Most say they could be sisters but it looks like Mother-Daughter would be more applicable. Both have scarlet hair and probably similar magic. Check out Eileen?s scar in her belly! Some say it?s a birth scar? I?m sure we?ll find out soon in Fairy Tail 499 if this is true or not.

Fairy Tail Female

#4 Dragneel is a Clan

Rahkeid or Larcade is introduced recently as a Dragneel or rather the White Dragneel. Is he a future son of Zeref or Natsu since the two are over 400 years old? A brother to Zeref and Natsu? Or is he their father? So many speculations are circulating about his identity and the most likely to be true is that perhaps Dragneel is a family or clan of dragon slayers.

#5 Natsu?s Demon Transformation

Fairy Tail 499

Etherious Natsu Dragneel or END – how would Natsu awaken his END? Here are several scenarios that fans predict would trigger Natsu to transform:

  1. Extreme sadness or anger – take for example when Igneel died, Natsu was extremely sad which triggered his anger towards Acnologia
  2. Breaking the seal of END – Fans are predicting that Zeref has the power to do this.
  3. Happy?s Death
  4. When Natsu fights Acnologia – this could be his trump card to beat Acnologia.
  5. Lucy?s Death

We?d like to hear your thoughts on these theories. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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