Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers: Invel To Defeat Gray? Eileen Is Erza’s Mother?

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Fairy Tail 499 is still two weeks away from its release since the launch of Chapter 498 has been delayed to next week, but there already speculations that Gray will fall down against Invel in an ice-to-ice battle. Also, the relation between Eileen and Erza is expected to be unveiled in the chapter.

The next installment of the manga series is titled ?Gray Vs. Invel,? which obviously will feature a duel between the two ice mage. However, rumor has it that Gray will be defeated by Invel in the next chapter of the story. It can be recalled that back in chapter 497, even Gray felt cold when Invel arrived in the battlefield. That alone shows how powerful the right hand of Zeref is.

If that would be the case, then it would lead us to the next prediction that Natsu will help Gray in facing the formidable foe. The two has already showcased their chemistry when they defeated Mard Geer together, and if they would really join forces, putting Invel down will be much easier than facing him alone.

However, there are also speculations that in Fairy Tail 499, Gray will be the one to come out victorious in their fight. Fans think that at first, Invel will have the upper hand, but later on, the ice mage of Fairy Tail will discover a way to beat his opponent.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that it was already revealed that Eileen and Erza are connected to each other. Now, two weeks from now, their relationship is expected to be revealed, which according to predictions, they could be sisters or even mother and daughter. Although it is still unclear as of the moment, what fans want to know is why Eileen would want to kill Erza despite the fact that they are related.

On the other hand, there are other fights the readers want to witness. Gildarts facing Acnologia and Natsu against Acnologia. For the former, it would be a great rematch since it was revealed that the human-turned-dragon character was the one responsible why Gildarts lost an arm and a leg. If they would later face each other, it would definitely become a war of two great mages.

But, fans are also rooting for Natsu to kill Acnologia. The latter was the one who killed Igneel, who was the foster father of Natsu. The fire mage witnessed his father?s death which gave him the urge to train and put an end to Acnologia?s life. The fight between them will be huge as both dragon-slayers would go all-out.

These fights mentioned are probably going to take place some time in the future. For now, it is going to be Gray against Invel. Who do you think will win? Is it the ice mage of Fairy Tail? Or, will it be the right hand of Zeref? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Fairy Tail 499 is expected to be released a week after the launch of Chapter 498, which is on August 24.

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