Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers: Gray Finds Out END?s Identity

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Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers

In chapter 498, Invel gets a taste of Gray?s Ice Devil Zeroth Long Sword. In his exact words ?He (Gray) uses this power to mold ice weapons?! But this power eats away the soul. Those who hunt Devils cannot long retain their sanity.? Gray?s fate is revealed to us by these words from Invel. Gray will fight END soon. Here are Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers.


We finally confirmed that Invel?s power is not God or Devil level but is definitely at par with the strongest mages of Ishgar and the Ten Wizard Saints. Gray?s attack seems to have no effect on Invel until he uses his Ice Devil Magic, but still Invel was able to block this. Invel tells Gray that he is tainted with darkness and that he is (can be) the one who will defeat END, not Zeref.


In Fairy Tail 499, Invel?s plan to bring out Gray?s darkness will come into play. Under his Ice Lock Spell, Gray and Juvia will lose control over their bodies and will be forced to fight each other. Surely, Invel will attempt to make Gray kill Juvia. There are two ways this could go: 1. Gray would actually kill Juvia or Juvia will sacrifice herself. Her death will definitely trigger Gray?s meltdown. Or 2. Gray will make a deal with Invel and join the Alvarez Empire. After all, Gray said he would become anything just to save his friends and the Fairy Tail Guild.


But the ending will be certain, sooner or later, Gray will be consumed by darkness and he will lose his sanity.



Most fans believe that the death of Juvia is unlikely to happen or if it does happen, FT creator Mashima will bring her back later on. Just like the other canon characters.


We can also expect that on Fairy Tail 499, Invel will reveal to Gray that Natsu is END, therefore tormenting him all the more. We can also expect to soon find out the connection between Natsu and Larcade (Rahkeid).

Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers


We?d love to hear your theories about END. Post away on the comments section below.


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