Fairy Tail 499 Spoilers: Invel’s Ice Lock; Gray-Juvia Drama; Gray Will Betray The Fairy Tail Guild?

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Fairy Tail 499

Brace yourselves Fairy Tail fans, we are about to see a gut-wrenching Gray – Juvia drama in Fairy Tail 499. Invel?s wicked Ice Lock Spell will force Gray and Juvia to fight each other to the death. How will this turn out? Will Gray allow Juvia to sacrifice herself?


Let?s start with this hot giant. In chapter 498, we see a giant Brandish picking up Natsu, Lucy and Happy. There is a possibility that Brandish is taking them somewhere safe, perhaps because of owing Lucy her life. Some say the four of them would go up against Dimaria, Brandish included, for betraying the Spriggans.


Invel tells Gray that he is the one destined to defeat END and not Zeref. We are nearing the point where Gray will soon find out END?s identity. And for sure, once Gray finds out that END is Natsu, he will be tormented. In the current chapter, we see Gray?s arm wrapped in darkness when he used Ice Devil Zeroth Long Sword. If Gray continues to use this, it will only be a matter of time before his mind will be consumed by darkness as well. Poor Gray! Add to this, Gray and Juvia?s current situation. Most predict that because of this, Gray will submit to darkness and Juvia?s death might just be the trigger.

Rumor has it that when this happens, Gray will join Zeref and his dark Alvarez Empire. Or it could also go another way, like if Gray?s only choice to save Juvia is by joining Zeref, he would probably do it in a heartbeat.

Juvia?s Fate

So in Fairy Tail 499, expect to see some major drama between Gray and Juvia as they lose control over their bodies and attack each other. We do know that Gray?s Ice Devil Magic can really kill Juvia so fans are predicting her death. Because we believe that there is no way that Gray will kill Juvia, it might be that Juvia would most likely offer to sacrifice herself just to save Gray, given her feelings for him.

Fairy Tail 499

Awakening of END

It was said that the power of END is so great, and that Acnologia himself believes this. It seems that Invel and Gray are underestimating him. For sure, Gray?s Devil Magic won?t be enough to go up against END. We can expect an END reveal in chapter 500.

Do you think Gray will betray the Fairy Tail Guild and join the Alvarez Empire? Post your comments below.

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