Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers: Gray and Lyon Take Invel; Erza Fights Eileen

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In Fairy Tail 497, we see that Eileen has started her Separation Enchantment on Mavis to get the Fairy Heart. Mavis is seen in so much pain and she hopes her comrades finishes Invel quick to release her from Ice Sleep. Here are Fairy Tail 498 spoilers and predictions.


In this chapter 497, we see Neinhart reporting to Eileen that they have found Lady Erza [take note he calls Erza, ?Lady? Erza as well]. Eileen, staying true to her evil nature, instructs Neinhart to kill Erza and to fight her alone. Very suspiciously, as Eileen says ?remember who you are?, Neinhart?s eyes turns black like he was terrified and he fearfully says ?I.. I am..?

This confirms that Eileen does have a connection with Erza and that she wants her dead. There is also a possibility that Neinhart could be one of Eileen?s minions or that this just shows how fearsome Eileen?s power is.

In the coming chapters, we will probably learn about Eileen and Erza?s story and for sure, they will be facing off any moment now.

Gray and Lyon to take Invel.

Natsu, Lucy, Juvia and Happy are ineffective against the Winter General, Invel. Gray, alone, seems to be struggling too. ?With Invel capable of nullifying Natsu?s flames and freeze him easily, Invel seems to be unbeatable at this point. Rumor has it that Ice-Make mage, Lyon, will come to the rescue and team up with Gray to defeat?Invel.

Erza rescues Mavis from Eileen

Zeref comes in to the room and sees Mavis in pain. For a brief moment, Zeref shows some concern for Mavis, which Eileen takes as a sign of weakness. Eileen reminds Zeref that if he does not get rid of this naivete, he will never defeat Acnologia. Agreeing with Eileen, Zeref takes a last look at Mavis and then leaves the room.

Fairy Tail 498

In the next chapter, we can expect that if the Fairy Tail Guild defeats Invel, the Ice Sleep spell will be lifted off from Mavis. There is a possibility that she would now have strength to take on Eileen, or somehow restrain Eileen?until her comrades get to her. This will be very interesting as we do know that Mavis, beyond her petite frame, is a very intelligent mage. She can definitely outwit Eileen and buy herself some time. We predict that Erza will come to her rescue first and confront Eileen head on about their past.

We?d like to hear your thoughts on Erza versus Eileen? How do thing this fight would turn out? Hit us up in the comments section below.

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