Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers: Gray to Fight END; See Preview of Japanese Scans

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Fairy Tail 499

Chapter 497 ended with Invel freezing Natsu, Happy, Lucy and Juvia while Gray was left shivering. Just as when we thought Gray will fight Invel, these Fairy Tail 498 Japanese scans took a different turn. Seems like no matter how much we try to predict the story, Hiro Mashima just slays our theories and comes up with something more intriguing and exciting.?Continue reading?if you want to see ?the scans of Fairy Tail 498.

These 5 -page scans are said to be a preview of Fairy Tail 498 and it looks legit. It reveals a shocking turn of events.

According to a fan who translated the Japanese text, on the second page, Gray was saying that ?For the sake of my guild, I am willing to become evil (or a jerk).? Then just as when Natsu breaks free from the Invel?s Ice, he says, ?Well said Gray! That?s Fairy Tail!?

Then a giant Brandish steps in (page three), ?I will deal with these guys?, picking them up like dolls. Gray calls out to them, ?Natsu! Lucy! Happy!?

But then Gray and Juvia were chained by Invel (page four), both could not move from Invel?s spell. Ice Lock, it imprisons the hearts of people. ?My magic: Puppet controlling?, Invel explains.

The last page goes:

Gray: Juvia……..

Juvia: Gray…………

Invel: The one who will defeat END is you… Gray. Not his Majesty (Zeref).

Juvia: This is no good. Gray-sama is going to be hurt.. If there is a chance of my senses getting back, I will sacrifice my life!

Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers

Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers

Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers

Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers

Fairy Tail 498

Credits to YonkouProd and translation source.

The Fairy Tail Alvarez Arc is going by really fast and it keeps getting better and better. How can Gray beat END? Could this be another hype, like what happened to God Serena? Fans predict that Juvia and Gray would team up and defeat Invel as the last panel goes 499: Gray and Juvia. Gruvia fans will probably be treated with a Gray-Juvia love drama.

More to come on Fairy Tail 498 and beyond! Erza to face Neinhart and Eileen; Mavis will be rescued; Gildarts to fight August; and Natsu and the gang to escape Brandish. Should we also expect Acnologia to appear any moment now? Maybe in chapter 500?

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