Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers: Invel’s Power; Eileen Goes Against Zeref?

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Fairy Tail 498

Fans have been waiting for another Gray Fullbuster fight for quite some time now and it looks like, as we predicted, it will be a Gray versus Invel battle in Fairy Tail 498. With the current chapter ending with Invel having the upper hand, we can expect Gray to really struggle through this. Seeing him shiver, and Invel freezing Natsu?s flames, gets everyone thinking, ?just how strong is Invel?s Ice Magic?

Invel?s Magic is God Level.

Our favorite shirtless hero, Gray, shivering from Invel?s magic – ?was a sight most readers thought would be impossible. This goes to show just how tough this fight would be for Gray. Rumor has it that for Invel to make Natsu ineffective, he would have to have some sort of ice devil slayer or god slayer magic which is aptly expected from Zeref?s right hand man.

Gray is connected with Invel.

There is a speculation that Gray might have some connection with Invel. As we have seen during Gray?s previous (big) fights, such as with Lyon for example, Mashima always goes deep and somehow reveals some kind of link or relation in the past between Gray and whoever his opponent might be. Maybe Gray and Invel were childhood friends before? Perhaps in the Ice Trail Fairy Tail spin-off? For sure, in the coming chapters, we will know more about Yura Invel?s past as well as how he met Zeref.

About the Ice Trail Manga.

Ice Trail is a story about Gray Fullbuster – after losing his parents he sets on a journey that leads him to the Fairy Tail Guild. Written by Yuusuke Shirato, Ice Trail is a spin-off of Hiro Mashima?s Fairy Tail series. Check it out for some clues!

Eileen Belserion.

The strongest woman of Spriggan, Eileen, becomes more uncanny in chapter 497. While extracting the Fairy Heart from Mavis, she reprimands her emperor for being weak and then suspiciously talks to Neinhart about Erza. This brings about more questions on Eileen?s character and her true intentions. From what we?ve seen so far, Eileen likes doing as she pleases and thinks very highly of herself.

Fairy Tail 498

In Fairy Tail 498, we predict that Eileen will turn against Zeref or maybe act in her own accord which will make Zeref furious. If this happens, Zeref will most likely punish Eileen for her actions.

We?d like to hear your thoughts and theories about the next chapter. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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