Fairy Tail 498 Spoilers: Invel Makes His Appearance; Gray To Go Up Vs The Ice Mage?

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Fairy Tail 498 is just around the corner and just like the previous chapters, it is expected to be memorable as Invel, Zeref?s right hand hand, finally appears in the battlefield. With a lot of enemies at hand, who among the guild members will face the formidable foe?

In the latest installment of the manga series, Natsu and the mages finally moved forward after defeating battalions of Zeref?s army. However, the fire mage suddenly felt cold as he walks with Gray, who he even blames for casting his magic that caused the cold weather. However, it turns out it is not Gray who did that, instead, it is Invel, the winter mage of the Spriggan 12.

Knowing that Invel is the right hand of Zeref, it is obvious that he possesses a great amount of power. Being an ice mage himself, Gray would want to face the foe alone. But, there are speculations that Natsu will lend a hand to his friend just like the time when they defeated Mard Geer.

Aside from Natsu, fans are also expecting Leon to help Gray in going up against Invel. It can be recalled that the two have already fought together when they defeated Racer through a very commendable strategy. If ever Leon would be the one to assist Gray, then Natsu would be available and could move forward with the other mage.

Furthermore about Fairy Tail 498, there are also predictions that Gildarts will finally face August, the strongest among the Spriggan 12, in the chapter. It is a known fact that the two are the most powerful among their comrades, so a showdown between the two is one of the most anticipated battles in this war.

Aside from August, fans are also rooting for a Gildarts-Acnologia fight. It was previously revealed that the latter was the one responsible why Gildarts lost his arm and leg. With that alone, it is safe to assume that Gildarts would want to fight Acnologia for vengeance. But, there is also another character who would want to eliminate Acnologia personally and it is none other than Natsu.

It can be recalled that Natsu?s father figure, Igneel, was killed by Acnologia. After witnessing his father?s death, Natsu decided to go away and train for a year. He certainly got stronger when he came back, so it is safe to assume, being cocky as ever, he would challenge Acnologia for a duel with their lives on the line.

Do you think Gray would face Invel alone in Fairy Tail 498? Or, will he ask for assistance? What do you think is the future for Natsu and Gildarts? Who between the two do you think would face acnologia? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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