Fairy Tail 497 Spoilers: Fairy Tail Moves Forward Against Spriggan; God Serena is Immortal

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Fairy Tail 497

Fairy Tail 496 is a good chapter because it revealed who would go against who, between the Fairy Tail Guild (with help from friends) and Spriggan, and we can?t wait for what Fairy Tail 497 has in store for us. The only disappointing revelation in 496 is that we didn?t see God Serena going all out against Gildarts. Here?s what we have learned from this chapter:

Resurrected God Serena is weak, but may be immortal.

We see Gildarts telling God Serena that this would have been a good fight if you were alive, but now, you?re nothing but small-fry. Gildarts one-shot punching God Serena is nothing like what we have expected. Though most of the fans refuse to believe that it would be that easy to beat the resurrected God Serena, we all hope to see him standing up again in the next chapter. Fans think that as long as Neinhart is alive, God Serena is somewhat immortal.

Jacob can easily be beaten by girls.

Jacob seems to be not much of a threat because when Mirajane punched him, causing him to catch a glimpse of her cleavage, Jacob flips out. Just imagine him seeing all the Fairy Tail girls together – he would probably nosebleed to death. For sure, Mirajane can handle Jacob on her own.

Lisanna and Elfman are set to fight Ajeel.

Lisanna will probably get knocked out in this fight and Elfman will most likely finish the job and take out Ajeel. But this for sure won?t be an easy fight, similar to Erza?s battle with Ajeel before where Erza had to use up all of her strength just to defeat Ajeel. This Ajeel is not resurrected like the others, so Elfman would really be forced to step up his fight.

Minerva and Rogue will go after Neinhart.

Sensing that Bradman and Wal Icht are being controlled like puppets, Minerva and Rogue think that it is probably smarter to go after their master, Neinhart, right away. Fans speculate that all the other Spriggans who have had individual fights before will be easy to defeat. We already know that Fairy Tail can win over them. Though hopefully it will be different with God Serena as we have yet to see him in full power and fight with everything he?s got.

Fairy Tail 497

Where is Sting?

Fans say that he might be in trouble somewhere but since this is Sting we?re talking about, we can also expect him to come at a pivotal moment in the fight to give an extra hand to whomever is in a pinch.

Gray would probably fight against Invel

In Fairy Tail 497, ?expect to see Invel as a formidable opponent. For sure, this would not be a one-shot battle as he has yet to show what he can do. We can expect the Fairy Tail to struggle in defeating Invel as he is known to be a strategic type of fighter. Fans hope to see that Gray goes one on one with Invel as he looks like the most suitable among the FT to take Invel on.

More big fights are coming.

The Spriggans still have Eileen, who is currently busy with Mavis, then August, and Rahkeid (with powers that are still unknown), who knows what Brandish and Damaria will do – ?so expect to see a full out battle and not a one-shot with these powerful Spriggans.

We?d like to hear your theories and predictions for Fairy Tail 497 (and if you would like to ship Wendy and Romeo!). Post them on the comments section below.

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