Fairy Tail 497 Spoilers: Gildarts Defeats God Serena In One-Hit; Character To Face Acnologia Next?

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The latest chapter of Fairy Tail is finally out and predictions for the 497th installment are already on the web. One of the most interesting speculations is that of Gildarts going up against Acnologia or August, the most powerful mage of the Spriggan 12.

At the end of Chapter 495, it can be recalled that Gildarts appeared to save his comrades from God Serena. Now, in the latest installment, Gildarts ordered Natsu and the rest to go ahead as he will deal with Serena himself alone. Contrary to the speculations that it would be a great fight, God Serena was defeated by Gildarts with just one blow called the Empyrean technique. It was also the same technique he used in the Tenrou Island to edge Grimoire Heart?s Bluenote.

After defeating God Serena, fans are wondering who will Gildarts face next. According to some speculations, the character would then help the other guild members in dealing with the Spriggan 12. However, what would really be interesting is Gildarts facing Acnologia.

It was revealed in the past that the human-turned-to-dragon character was the one responsible why Gildarts lost his arm and leg. With the huge difference between his powers and God Serena?s, many believe that a duel between Acnologia and Gildarts is going to be balanced as both of them possess great strength.

However, the faceoff between the two is expected to happen some time in the future as they should first deal with the Spriggan 12. Speaking of, August is the most powerful among other members of the squad and Gildarts, on the other hand, is the strongest guild member of Fairy Tail, so fans are expecting a match between the two in Fairy Tail 497.

Meanwhile, Natsu is also rumored to team up with Gray to take down Larcade Dragneel. Given the fact that the real powers of Larcade is still unknown, it would be best if Natsu would take a comrade with him to take down a possible formidable opponent.

Now, speaking of Natsu, fans are also anticipating a battle between him and Acnologia. It can be recalled that Natsu?s father figure, Igneel, was killed by the latter. That is the main reason why the fire mage went away to train for a year before coming back to form the guild again and go up against Zeref and Acnologia. Also, looking at how much powers Natsu gained through his special training, he is believed to be now a match of the dragon mage and a duel between them would be a great one.

How about you? Do you think Gildarts will face August in Fairy Tail 497? Also, who do you think would face Acnologia in the end, Gildarts or Natsu? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The next installment is expected to hit the web next Tuesday.

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