Fairy Tail 496 Spoilers: Battle Continues, Top Antagonists According to Rank

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Fairy Tail 496
Gildarts is Back Fairy Tail 495

We?re all excited for the next chapter in Fairy Tail 496, but let?s go back to the events that transpired in chapter 495, where it was revealed in the end that Gildarts is back. Fans can?t help but say that Gildarts is back looking like Ned Stark. His new older look has shown that he has been away from civilization and that he must have been training very hard. Is he still the strongest in Fairy Tail?

As the Fairy Tail members attack the battalion head on, Wendy, Elfman, Cana and Makarov comes to assist. The fairies were at an advantage until God Serena appears with his Purgatory Dragon?s Blazing Hell attack. Natsu, being hungry as hell, eats up his flames. God Serena then barrages them with one magic after another, and just as the fairies were doubting their strength, Gildarts comes to their rescue, breaking God Serena?s magic.

Fairy Tail 496

Gildarts Fairy Tail 495

Some predict that one of the Fairy Tail members would come get Neinhart first. Because Neinhart used Historia of the Dead, a magic that allowed him to resurrect the other three deceased members of Spriggan 12, this probably reduced his powers. There is a big possibility that once he gets killed, the other three Spriggans, God Serena, Wahl Icht, and Bradman, gets killed with him.

Intrigued by how this battle will continue, fans guess the rank of each antagonist in this Alvarez Empire Arc according to their power and strength (number 1 being the strongest). Let us know what you think of this list:

  1. Acnolgia the Apocalypse King
  2. Zeref – Emperor of Spriggan
  1. – 4. August ?the Magic King? and Eileen ?Scarlet Despair?
  2. Rahkeid the White Dragneel with powers still unknown
  3. Dimaria the ?war time princess? because of her hax magic
  4. God Serena the strongest ?Hybrid Theory? (if he would not be affected by Neinhart?s death)
  5. – 9. Bradman ?Grim Reaper? and Invel the Winter General
  6. Wahl Icht the ?Adjudicator?
  7. Azir the Desert King
  8. Brandish the Country Demolisher
  9. Jacob the Assasin
  10. Neinhart the Rose of Historia

Gildarts is said to either battle with August or it could be that they know each other and team up to fight Acnolgia. So much to think about while waiting for Fairy Tail 496. So stay tuned here at TheBitBag for Fairy Tail updates and spoilers!

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