Fairy Tail 496 Spoilers: Natsu and Gray To Take On Larcade; Gildarts Goes Up Against August

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Things are getting more interesting in the manga series Fairy Tail, and in the upcoming Chapter 496, it seems like Natsu and Gray will take over alongside Gildarts as they try to eliminate the soldiers of Zeref.

Back in the 494th installment, Larcade Dragneel was introduced. Although he really looks like a tough opponent for the fairies, information about the character?s powers is still unknown. So, it is safe to assume that for them to defeat the mage, Natsu should team up with a comrade. Through that, taking on a foe they know nothing about would be safer and somehow easier.

Now, the question is, who would be the perfect partner for Natsu? Personally, it would be best if Gray would back Natsu up in the fight against Larcade. The two definitely have the chemistry to defeat a formidable opponent which was evident when they both took down Mard Geer. However, the fight between Natsu and Larcade is not going to happen anytime soon as he and the other fairies are trapped facing the soldiers of Zeref.

Gray, Natsu, Lucy and Erza were facing a battalion of enemies in the latest chapter of the manga series. Erza then decided to come up with a plan and announced that the fairies should eliminate the frontline first before proceeding to face Zeref and the Spriggan 12.

Eventually, Wendy, Elfman, Cana and Master Makarov arrived in the battlefield and provided an extra help. They also came with reinforcements from other guilds across the nation. However, when the team seems to have gained the upperhand, God Serena appeared and overwhelmed them using her water spell. Luckily for the fairies, their strongest member, Gildarts, arrived and saved them.

Now that Gildarts is already in the battle zone, fans are expecting a showdown between him and the strongest mage of the Spriggan 12, August, in the upcoming Fairy Tail 496. If not a battle, at least they would meet each other in the installment. Also, another thing that readers are expecting is the appearance of the Spriggan 12 in the battle area.

Although the predicted scenarios are still not confirmed, it is certain that Natsu and Gray taking up Larcade is going to be interesting as well as the showdown between Gildarts and August. How about you? What other things do you expect in the upcoming Fairy Tail 496? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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