Fairy Tail 490 World Reconstruction; Eileen?s Magic Brings Back All The Dead To Life?

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Fairy Tail 490

Fairy Tail 490 is dubbed as Fairy Tail Zero. The upcoming chapter will reveal more of Lady Eileen?s power, World Reconstruction Magic.

Fans are excited if Universe One, the effect of Lady Eileen?s spell, will bring back all the dead people in the manga series. From the title of Fairy Tail 490, it appears that Hiro Mashima is up for a reboot of his famous manga series.

Chapter 490 generates various opinions from avid followers of the Fairy Tail manga series. Some find it convenient to bring back dead characters like Gajeel, God Serena, and others.

However in other discussion board, fans could not believe that August had nuked the whole party (as Lord Ainz of Manga Helpers puts it). There are many fans in the thread who are wondering if Natsu and company got burned by the blast. Others are wondering if it was the end of Brandish too. But with the Scarlet Despair repairing the whole earth (presumably), it?s just timely to bring back Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Mest, and Brandish to life. Or, there could be more to the story, everyone can only assume.

Fairy Tail 490

Interestingly, another FT fan commented in Manga Helpers forum that the blast was like a power liberation that brings irrelevant damage. However, in Reddit, fans are discussing more of the countdown. Fans think that Fairy Tail 490 aka Fairy Tail Zero is a countdown intended for Lady Eileen. They believe that in the next chapter, fans will see her ultimate power.

Some fans wonder if (with Lady Eileen?s doing) Fiore now becomes a weapon after World Reconstruction magic had been applied to the ground. Remember towards the end of the chapter? Acnologia was really bewildered by the Scarlet of Despair who was, at that time, applying magic to the ground. The Black Dragon couldn?t help but ask Lady Eileen who she is. Something must have happened to the ground (could be an enchantment, eh?), which fans want to find out in Fairy Tail 490.

Another thought to ponder which fans like to see also in chapter 490 of Hiro Mashima?s Fairy Tail manga series, what would Zeref do when he realizes that Eileen had used the spell? He seemed surprised in the latest chapter, and he was the only one who knew what?s happening in the other side of the kingdom.

Fairy Tail 490

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