Fairy Tail 478 Spoilers: Is Natsu Strong Enough To Beat Jacob? Will Lucy Help?

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Fairy Tail 478 is probably the most awaited chapter in the manga series since Natsu went into a coma after fighting Zeref. Now that he is back, it appears that fans will be seeing him fighting Jacob Lessie. But the question is ?will he be strong enough to defeat the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan?? Or Lucy will help him in this fight?

The previous chapter ?Transport? ended with an exciting cliffhanger revealing to fans that Natsu had awakened from his deep prolonged unconsciousness. While Jacob cast space magic spell on the people in the guild, Mavis came in and Jacob inflicted pain on her. Just in the nick of time, Lucy arrived as this Shield of Spriggan had induced terrible pain on the First. She kicked him from the back and stopped him from harming Mavis. After trash-talking and explaining how Lucy got away from the spell, Jacob threw his knife at Lucy but Natsu showed up for the first time since his coma. Then, that cliffhanger ending!

It is obvious that fans are in mixed emotions after reading that Fairy Tail 477 manga series. But that?s one of Hiro Mashima?s signature moves when narrating his story. Everyone must be used to it by now. Anyway, it is quite apparent that Fairy Tail 478 will pick up where the ?Transport? chapter left off. But the intriguing part is the title of the upcoming chapter of the manga, ?Stealth.?

Manga Helpers Fairy Tail Thread is now brewing different opinions from what transpired in the previous chapter and predictions of 478, Stealth. Many of the fans can?t help but wonder if Natsu is strong enough to fight against Jacob. GamerSkull, registered user of the site, said that it would be just fair to see Lucy fight alongside Natsu. After all, she?s one of the main characters of the manga.

Another fan, named Mazginoo, predicted that in Fairy Tail 478, Natsu will definitely defeat Jacob. But after the fight, August will show up at the guild with Azir. Chaos will continue in chapter ?Stealth.?

How about you? What do you think will happen in Fairy Tail 478? Will Natsu be strong enough to fight not just Jacob but also August and Azir? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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