Fairy Tail 477 Spoilers: Will Natsu Be Out For Most Of The Arc?

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Fairy Tail Manga Spoilers, Fairy Tail 477

Fairy Tail 476 ended without Natsu again in the entire chapter. Some fans suspect that he would be completely out for the Alvarez Empire Arc. But there is a handful of aficionado who believes that he will be appearing already in ?Transport,? the 477th installment of Hiro Mashima?s manga series.

In several discussion boards like Manga Helper and Reddit, fans are giving their predictions of what?s to come in Fairy Tail 477. Some believe that having the next chapter titled ?Transport? is an implication that Natsu is coming back.

For example in Manga Helper, the thread has been divided with several opinions. But most of them think that the 477 chapter is all about the comeback of Natsu. Registered User of the thread named Natsulucy implied that Natsu is already up and that it is time for the fans to see ?Natsu’s Eye Colour Blood Red.?The fan also cited that perhaps this is the end of foreshadowing. He also shared his gut feeling about the possibility of the meaning of the title, which may mean that ?Natsu being subconsciously transferred To His END Self.?

Another prediction posted in this thread is from Brandish. According to him, the title may also possibly mean that it ?is transporting Fairy Heart.? But he also hopes that Natsu together with his company will be able to stop August and Jacob.

As for the fans who take their opinion to Reddit, many are also hyped up with the idea that Natsu will appear in Fairy Tail 477. But it can?t also be denied that they are also equally interested to have Erza, Kagura and Jellal reach to the ship of Neinhart. Then, the latter welcomes the trio as they get onboard his ship.

Of course, never forget that chapter 476 ended with Sherria defeating Dimaria, while Wendy tried to heal Charle. Although the battle is over, a fan with user name tentaimaho wanted to pick up 477 with the scenes of Sherria, Wendy, and Charle.

As always, things are getting interesting with Fairy Tail Manga. How about you? Do you have predictions of the upcoming chapter? Do you think Natsu will finally return in 477? Hit the comment button and share your insights.

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