Fairy Tail 476 Spoilers: Will Wendy And Chelia Use The Power Of The Future?

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Fairy Tail chapter 476 is highly anticipated because it will reveal the decision of Wendy and Chelia. Both are facing a dilemma on whether to use the power of time. Fans are dying to know the turn of events in the upcoming chapter of Hiro Mashima?s long-running manga series.

In case Wendy and Chelia take the suggestion of Ultear, which is to use the power of the future, both might eventually lose their powers. It can be recalled that in Fairy Tail 475, Dimaria was fighting against Wendy and Chelia when she froze time. However, Ultear arrived to help out, though she said she could not fight alongside the two healers because she?s merely a projection. She could only interfere in what Dimaria was doing in her world. Ultear used her magic to make everyone move and fight against Dimaria.

Of course, this angered Dimaria, and she tried to stop Ultear from interfering in her world. However, Wendy and Chelia used their spells against the goddess of time, but it looked like Sky Dragon?s Wing attack and Sky God?s Boreas didn?t harm the Valkyrie.

Instead, Dimaria retaliated as she showed off the true power of the twelve. As she released her power, she threw off Wendy and Chelia. Then when she transformed into the goddess Chronos, the Valkyrie allowed the god soul to take over her body.

Everyone couldn?t believe what they saw. Chelia tried to challenge the transformed Dimaria, but she simply pointed her finger, which released her power at Wendy. Charle saw it and pushed Wendy away; thus, Charle was severely hurt. Both healers couldn?t save Charle unless they kill Dimaria first, which was impossible because she had transformed into a goddess.

So here comes the suggestion of Ultear: she asked the two healers to use the secret art, which is a power that Wendy and Chelia may develop in the future. It will boost their powers and will give them a good chance to defeat Dimaria. The catch though is that they would not be able to use their magic again.

If you are not a fan of Fairy Tail, it might be hard to follow this. However, one fan has explained the logic of this situation in a Reddit discussion board. Mocmoc explained that it is the price that Wendy and Chelia have to pay if they ?use their future level of magic.? It is ironic, but it is like both healers are not yet ready to store a higher amount of ethernano, which is the ?source of magic power for all mages.?

If Ultear unleashes this magic in Fairy Tail chapter 476, then it will destroy both Wendy and Chelia. It is likely that their power would burst, which would make it hard for them, if not impossible, to gain back their magic.

If you are Wendy and Chelia, would you take the risk? Do you think it is possible to defeat Dimaria and heal Charle at the same time? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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