Facebook’s Mobile App To Include Feature That Can Identify Songs and TV Shows

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Facebook’s mobile app will be able to recognize songs and TV shows

A new version of Facebook?s mobile app will soon be able to recognize songs and television shows people are enjoying and incorporate it in their status updates. This is seen as the social media giant?s latest attempt to take on Twitter as the main venue for discussing TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

The technology is entirely homegrown and built from scratch by Facebook engineers. Facebook said that they are partnering with major streaming companies like Spotify, Deezer, and Rdio in order to develop a huge database made of millions of songs. Product Manager at Facebook Aryeh Selekman said that this tool was conceived out of the ?feelings and activities? feature which the social network launched last year.

Once put into practice, this optional feature can be used by people upon composing a new status. All they need to do is click a button to turn it on and the smartphone?s microphone will be activated. It will then start to listen to the tv show or song the person is playing nearby. So if ever you?re watching an episode of ?How I Met Your Mother? and wants to share it on Facebook without typing every word, this feature may let you do just that.

Furthermore, songs will appear in status updates as 30-second clips that are linked to either Spotify, Rdio, or Deezer. Users may choose what service they prefer but Facebook will randomly select which one if the person doesn?t indicate his preference. If a user likes to share a TV show he is watching, he can also use the feature to identify it. Aside from the title, this technology can also recognize the specific season and episode of the show the user is currently watching.

People may notice that this service is comparable to the one already being provided by the app called Shazam. But Selekman claims that the algorithms they will use in their audio recognition service will be significantly different from what Shazam is utilizing at present. Facebook even conducted a test that compares their technology with Shazam. In that test performed at their New York office, Facebook?s audio recognition tool identified sound clips much quicker than Shazam?s.

The social media company is putting heavy emphasis on this feature?s ?optional? characteristic. This is because many people are already tired with the issue of technology being used to invade their privacy. For some people, giving an app permission to somewhat ?eavesdrop? on their environment is quite disturbing. But Facebook assures its mobile app users that this update will be entirely opt-in and will give users complete control on when they want the tool to be activated. They also reiterated that they will never store any scanned audio in their servers.


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