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Many have been aware of Mark Zuckerberg?s advocacy of connecting the entire population to the Internet. He believes that every person should have equal opportunity to access the resources available on the Internet.

For that reason, he spearheaded a movement that brought life to, an organization founded a year ago whose goal is to increase the accessibility of the Internet for everyone. Facebook partnered with six telecommunication companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera Software, and Qualcomm) in order to achieve this goal.

Back in March, Facebook announced a Connectivity Lab with the goal of providing Internet access via drones.

?The Internet is really the backbone of the knowledge economy,? Zuckerberg said about his plan. ?If everyone had access to those basic tools, we?ll all be able to benefit from all the innovation, creativity and ideas that everyone had.?

According to Facebook, 85 percent of the world?s population is now living in areas with cellular coverage, but only 30 percent of the entire population has access to the Internet.

Now, Facebook is a step closer to their objective as they announced the app. The app offers basic online services that will not entail the user any cellular data charges. Users will be able to browse from a list of information services that will help them with their daily productivity?all for free.

In the meantime, the app will only be available to Airtel subscribers in the African country of Zambia. Users will be able to access these online services for free through the Android app:

Facebook hopes to bring the app to other countries in the future as well. It is clear though that they want to first reach the areas that have very limited access to the Internet.

If the plan proves to be a success, then we are looking at a world where everyone will have access to information in the web.

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