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Facebook Just Declared The Philippines Is At War In Independence Day Greeting

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Facebook unintentionally declared the Philippines to be in a state of war in its Independence Day greeting. What was supposed to be a regular holiday greeting for Facebook became a big blunder when it displayed the color red instead of the blue on the upper part of the Philippine flag.

Despite Facebook?s regular posts of greetings and holidays, one of the largest social networking sites in the world incorrectly displayed the Philippine flag in the wrong direction. Making the appropriate greeting for the country?s Independence Day should have been easy since Facebook and other social networking markets are largely dominated by Asia, according to a research from a Wall Street Blog. And to top it of, Asian Correspondent shared that Philippines tops the list with more than 90% of the country supposedly signed up on Facebook.

Facebook Philippine flag is an indication of a state of war

The original position of the color red on the flag should initially be at the bottom. And since the country is not currently in a state of the war, the color blue should be at the top part.

Moreover, there is a law in the Philippines covering the national flag which stated that if one is found disrespecting the flag, they will be fined with a fine and imprisonment of up to one year, according to Daily Mail.

On the other hand, the social networking also had a previous oversight with its Ramadan greeting. The concern in the greeting was the little girl in the post wearing a hijab. According to the Independent, ?Muslim have been relentlessly fighting for the right of young girls to choose the hijab? so it may have posed as a disconcert for other Muslims.

As of now, Facebook still hasn?t made any comments regarding the incorrect position of the national flag.

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