Facebook Will Start ‘Increasing’ Your Privacy By Limited Auto-Sharing of Activities

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Facebook Privacy
Facebook Privacy

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world. Funny though, that one of its biggest issues is its users? privacy. There used to be almost none, but the good thing is, Facebook is not turning a blind eye on this. At least not anymore.

Facebook actually decides to reduce the amount of things it automatically shares on people?s newsfeeds. This includes sharing stuff like what music you listen to on Soundcloud, Spotify or videos you watch on YouTube. Even liking photos on Instagram can be covered. (That is, if all these are automatically set for you, otherwise, you can choose not to share any info or activity you engage with these platforms)

This is a move from Facebook to reduce auto-share spam on people?s feeds. In addition to this, apps that automatically posts for the user?s behalf on their facebook will be prompting them first, especially videos and automatic wall posts/messages.

This doesn?t mean that Facebook will ditch the third party share feature on their site however. They will only focus on those explicitly shared items rather than the automatic posts. This greatly helps ease the confusion on users of Facebook who have no idea where the automatic posts come from and flood their friends? newsfeeds with spammy rubbish.

The idea of sharing EVERYTHING you do online is a good thing, and Facebook did a good job on delivering this concept, but that was a thing of the past.

“In general, we’ve found that people engage more with stories that are shared explicitly rather than implicitly, and often feel surprised or confused by stories that are shared implicitly or automatically,” ?says Peter Yang, a representative from Facebook, in a blogpost.

Auto-sharing has its pros and cons, but according to Yang, this feature tends to be more on the cons side, and people usually refer to these posts as spam, which is a good thing.

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