Facebook will Soon Require Users to Chat through Messenger App

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Facebook will soon leave its users no choice, but to download its standalone Messenger app. This is the social media giant?s effort to push its usage and kill off the main app?s chat feature. Users will still see notifications on incoming messages, but they will automatically be transferred to the Messenger app once tapped.

In Two Weeks


Selected European users of the main app were already notified of the plan. The main Facebook app?s messaging feature will be disabled in two weeks time, prompting people to download its Messenger app. The company confirmed that this is no longer just a test and will soon roll out the change worldwide, according to The Verge.

Users of Android phones with low memory, as well as Windows Phone and tablet users will be exempted for the time being. The in ? app messaging for news ? focused Facebook Paper app will be kept. While it may sound like Facebook is forcing its users to use another app, the company has already gone to great lengths to push usage of its robust mobile app family.

If you have installed the Messenger app on your iOS, the main app will automatically send you over to it when chatting with friends. This feature is already being applied on iOS, but the upcoming change will force users to download the Messenger app.

Easy Transition

Users will not find it difficult to move from one app to the next. In fact, iOS users will see a blue banner that transfers them back to the main app once tapped. However, it is still unclear whether the same system will apply to Android users. The chat feature on the main app remains, for the meantime. This allows Android users to enjoy the recently rolled out messaging feature with a new skin that shows friends? messages in a movable bubble with their faces.

Facebook?s strategy to push users in using a separate messaging app will help boost the Messenger?s popularity. The social media will also directly compete against instant messaging app, WhatsApp. With over 1.2 billion users, Facebook has moved increasingly into the mobile space for expansion.

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