Facebook ‘Wannabe’ Hackers Got Hacked Themselves While Trying To Hack Their Friends’ Accounts

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Facebook Hacking Tool
Facebook Hacking Tool

There are millions of Facebook users, and a large chunk of this community are people who are a bit adventurous and at some point, careless. All for the sake of playing practical jokes with their fellow Facebook users, friends or contacts. Some are even ??effectively? stalking people on the social networking site. Good news for them is, there is a new tool that will allow them to hack their ?friend?s? Facebook accounts. The bad news is, it is fake and the joke will be on them instead.

An online hacking tool which, became popular in India first, came out. It is said that the software will allow anybody to hack their friends? Facebook accounts. This tool actually does the opposite of what people might intend to do with them.

To make things a little convincing to unwary Facebook users, it even has a disclaimer which states that the software is ?For Educational Purposes? only. The tool is linked into a Google Drive document which runs a certain script in your browser once you go to the url. The instructions say that, the user needs to wait for two hours in order for the tool to work for them. (Which is a bit funny if they are still thinking that it will actually work up to that point)

What this thing actually does is make the unsuspecting user?s Facebook account to perform a series of actions that spreads posts from a certain page, automatically like and follow lists, helping a page increase its traffic and followers. This ?hack? has been around for a while already, as it first started in 2011. It was just being continuously modified in order for it to stick around while it can.

Users who suspect to have been involved with this can verify it by checking their activity logs for stuff they didn?t do themselves.

If you?re intending to play practical jokes on your friend?s Facebook, what is a better and healthier way than crashing their place and doing it on their own computer? It gives you and your buddies a chance to bond and it?s safer than using silly online hacking tools. For stalkers, it?s a different story though, and we can?t really discuss that here. Really.

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