Facebook v8 for iOS Features a More Private Sharing Option

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There is a big reason why Snapchat became so popular: private sharing. While a lot of users want to gain fame from posting interesting things online, some are not comfortable of sharing them to everyone. This is why Facebook is capitalizing on improving its private sharing feature. The Facebook for iOS 8.0 offers an easy way to share posts only to specific people. The feature works similarly like ?Snapchat.

Share with Friends Only Option New for Albums

The social network giant said that this option is brand new for photo albums, but has been quietly rolling out, for status updates and individuals photos over the last few months. Facebook did the testing without any press release. This feature lets people see the audience of a post at the top. You can create a pre-made friend list and select it when you secure a post you?ve made.



Facebook has been improving the concept of microsharing since 2007, where you may post various contents and limit viewing for the chosen few. The downside of this feature is that you still need to create lists or groups and this can be a stressful chore for most. This is why CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in 2010 that almost no one wanted to create lists. He added that only 5% took advantage of this privacy feature.

This pushed Facebook to relaunch Groups on that same day, which Zuckerberg claimed to have 500 million users. This feature is great for sharing certain topics to interested people. There was also the Smart List that notifies the user when someone from your list of Close Friends post something. Facebook also allowed users to add an Acquiantances list to better screen people appearing in the News Feed.

Snapchat nailed this microsharing lists problem by allowing its users to choose exactly who to share posts with. Facebook is now doing the same, which replaces the failed Snapchat clone, Poke. Should the social network giant?s move become a success, people will become more comfortable in sharing their lives to a limited audience. This will also allow Facebook to attract more user data and engagement time.


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