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Facebook Unlike Button Launching Soon? Much-awaited Feature Gets A Nod! Details Here

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In a recent development, during a live stream event, Facebook’s CEO confirmed that they are working on a “dislike” button. Citing years of requests from the user base, Mark Zuckerberg stated they on working on a new tool to fit the role of their “like” button.

According to a report by US Today, Facebook has resisted creating a “dislike” button as a companion to its “like” button, fearing it would sow seeds of discontent on the world’s most popular social network.

But in recent years Zuckerberg softened his stance, responding to popular demand from Facebook users who say “like” does not fit certain status updates and situations, say a death in the family or a crisis.

Another report by CNET?states, the move marks a key reorientation for the world’s largest social network, which counted more than a billion people using its service last month and whose like button has become so synonymous with its service that it’s the logo that greets visitors to its Menlo Park, California, headquarters. Some users, though, have become frustrated that the only button Facebook offers is a thumbs-up, along with the opportunity to leave a comment. Within an hour of Zuckerberg announcing that Facebook is testing a dislike button, his Q&A video had garnered more than 1,200 likes.

Facebook has been sparing on the details, so it’s unclear if the company will really add a “dislike” button or a thumbs down, but it is confirmed that the company will enable users to express more than positive emotions, points out News Every Day.

Looks like, there will be much more for Facebook users to look forward to in the upcoming months.

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