Facebook To Delete Medical Marijuana Pages

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It was reported that social media giant Facebook is deleting Facebook pages of medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey even though Medical marijuana is legal in the state.

Home pages of three Garden State dispensaries from New Jersey were shut-down among many others from around the country. A lot of customers are aggrieved, with most complaining about the inconvenience the sudden removal has caused them.

Peter Rosenfield, a registered patient with the state program said, ?What better use of social media than having sites where parents of sick children can ask questions about medication and treatments??

Facebook?s ?media relations decline to answer the emails regarding the issue and referred people to their community standards page.

According to, officials from treatment centers said their pages were shut down on Tuesday. They received a message that read, ?We remove any promotion or encouragement of drug use.?

?You?re page is currently not visible on Facebook. It looks like content on your page does not follow the Facebook community terms and standards. ?

?The site does not allow ads that promote the sale or use of? illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.?

Alex Zaleski, founder of treatment centre Breakwater, spoke about Facebook, ?a great disservice to our patients who rely on us to keep them updated on what is going on. We are looking into the matter and hope to resolve it in the patient?s favor as soon as possible.?

The effectiveness and use of Medical marijuana is a very controversial subject. With most people divided about the efficacy and benefit of the painkiller. While some think it is a social evil that causes dependency and addiction in the user, others use it often with successful results for chronic pain and treating chemotherapy-induced nausea in children. Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states in the United States.

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