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Facebook Suspensions: Sensitivity Lost?

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Facebook has enjoyed unparalleled success ever since it first came out.

We take a look at this Daily?Mail?UK?article about a problem emanating from Facebook’s naming system. This one concerns Native Americans using their true names instead of their English names, and Facebook instead chooses to deem their true Native names as false. One other problem, according to Buzzfeed, stems from a sensitive issue concerning LGBT rights.

Facebook’s Snag with Native Americans

In one incident with the Facebook community, Native Americans received the short end of the stick. One such native American, with the name Dana Lone Hill, had to convince Facebook that she was a real person to the tune of three forms of identification. The same happened to Oglala Lakota Lance Brown Eyes, according to Daily Mail UK.

Facebook is certainly doing their job, but they appear to have overdone it with some sectors of American society. So what should they do? Perhaps they should be a little more sensitive about the different sectors of society.

Facebook’s Snag with the LGBT Community

The LGBT community cried foul when Facebook, in their usual round of security, took down a picture after some images were deemed as offensive by users. The owner of the images, Carlotta Trevisan, cried foul about this.

When they took a look at the image, however, it’s almost like any other LGBT image available on the Net. How the users took offense to the image is, of course, unclear; it could just be a problem with the user’s sexual preference, although of course, the user has very little fault, if any. It could also be a problem with cyber bullying wherein a group of people report a person or image for ambiguous reasons ?their goal would be to get the content taken down even if it is non-offensive.

Facebook’s Guard Dogs

Facebook certainly seems set in making their security as uncrackable and strong?as possible. However, when the rights of one or more groups in society are trampled, they should do a review of their security priorities. Facebook owes it to the millions of people who use their services.


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