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Facebook Suicide Prevention Effort – Guidelines on How to Help and/or Report Suicidal Post

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By Facebook (facebook.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Facebook Suicide Prevention Effort tools and how to report if you found a suicidal post

Facebook and Forefront are now launching their suicide prevention effort. This is probably the most excellent news to hit the internet this early 2015. It will no doubt save a lot of lives and bring light to the people who are living in the darkness of despair.

Everyone can also do their part on saving another person?s life. Facebook is now allowing other users, friends and family members to report post that may suggest that the person who made that is considering suicide.

How to report a suicidal post on Facebook as part of their suicide prevention effort

According to the post from Washington.edu, Facebook and Forefront have explained the tools that you can use in case you have found a post from a suicidal friend.

  • There will be a dropdown button on that post and choose the option to report it on Facebook.
  • That reporting will activate a series of responses, as explained by Washington.edu. The person who has reported the post will see a screen with options that will allow them to message that person with suicidal tendencies, contact another friend on Facebook for support or connect with a trained professional at a suicide helpline for guidance.
  • After it has been reported, Facebook will then review the post and if the post turns out to be a distress signal and that person is going through some rough patches and is considering suicide, the next time that person logs in on Facebook, a series of screens will launch automatically with a few suggestions for getting help that also includes a video from Now Matters Now.

With these tools, it will greatly help a person thinking about suicide by giving them other alternatives to their problems and connect them to a professional suited for this kind of situation.

If you think you have encountered a post that may point out that the author is considering suicide, do not hesitate to report it on Facebook.

Image source?Wikimedia Commons

By Facebook (facebook.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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