Facebook as a Social Service Platform: Divorce Papers through Social Media

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Never has the ?Status? part of Facebook been more important.

In a news item that appeared on NY Daily News, it appears Facebook is about to become a tool not just for social media. A Brooklyn woman has made an appeal to use Facebook?s status to tell her spouse?and everyone else?that she is divorced. A pioneering judge, according to the news item, agreed to the proposal.

Online Proceedings

Facebook has become more than just a social site for divorced couple Ellanora Baidoo and her former husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku. It all began with Blood-Dzraku failing to provide the Ghanaian woman a traditional Ghanaian marriage after marrying her in a civil ceremony.

Blood-Dzraku, having no permanent address, has only been active on Facebook. This prompted Baidoo, according to the NY Daily News article, to enlist the help of the Manhattan Supreme Court?notably Justice Matthew Cooper. Cooper agreed to the arrangement, along with the sending of the divorce summons using Facebook?s private messaging service.

It works for families whose relatives are living abroad?why not this un-couple? It shows that Facebook is more versatile than anyone can imagine, and it isn?t just a social tool. Facebook can actually be used change lives?for better or for worse, as this event suggests.

Not just a Social Tool

Facebook has actually been used by the government as an aid for servicemen abroad.

Two pages seen here and here can be used as tools by absentee voters to continue making their voices count. Being out of state or country isn?t a reason why you can?t do your civic duty?technology, through Facebook and other social media outlets like it, can actually be a force for good if used properly and with the greater good in mind.

Take the messaging service in Facebook, for example. It?s already a great deal for ex-patriates and their families to keep in touch during important events. It shows Mark Zuckerberg?s Facebook might just be something more than just a way to keep in touch with friends.


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