Facebook Releases Standalone Messenger Web Tool Similar To WhatsApp Web

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Facebook Messenger now has a separate, WhatsApp-style web version. Here’s how to use it.

The world?s biggest social network has launched a standalone Facebook Messenger service for the web. Though Messenger is already available on the main site as Facebook Chat, the Menlo Park-based company is now offering a separate web app that can be accessed at

Messenger finally breaks free from main site

Years ago, Facebook began to expand by releasing mobile applications to target smartphones and tablets after conquering desktops. Then it separated its messaging function from these apps with the introduction of Messenger. Now, it tries to bring this functionality back to the web in a move that is similar to what the company has done with WhatsApp and and its aptly named WhatsApp Web desktop version.

While it may appear pointless for Facebook to present a standalone desktop version of Messenger when the chat option is already integrated well into, the social network is justifying that this new offering is a way for users to have a distraction-free messaging.

With this Messenger interface, Facebook users can now enjoy a dedicated website to chat with their friends just like what they?ve been doing at the main site. As mentioned, this move is reminiscent of what they did on the mobile front. However, a Facebook representative told Re/code that that company has no plans of removing access to messaging services from its core web service for now.

How to use

The site?s design largely resembles WhatsApp Web?s. The service is currently available in English only and support for more languages will be integrated in the coming weeks. Their interface may be identical but is a standalone service and unlike WhatsApp Web, it doesn?t require a mobile app to be installed in the user?s smartphone.

In order to get started, users must have a Facebook account. They can go to Messenger?s official site and use their Facebook credentials to log in. Users can make audio and video calls by clicking the icons located on the upper right portion of each contact’s chat window. Group chats can also be initiated by tapping the + icon. There?s also an option to even mute notifications by choosing the information icon in the extreme upper right corner.


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