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Facebook Oculus VR Senior Leader Allegedly Caught Responding to Personal Ad of 15 Year Old Girl

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Facebook Oculus VR Senior Leader
Facebook Oculus VR Senior Leader

Facebook Oculus VR Senior Leader Dov Katz has been arrested. This came after he allegedly solicited sex from a police officer who posed as an underage girl, per Seattle King 5 news.

According to the report, Katz was charged with “communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.” Katz was reported to have responded to an ad that was put by an undercover cop who posed as a 15-year old teen. The ad offered sex without a condom for the price of $360USD.

Katz is the head of computer vision at Oculus. This is the technology used for allowing cameras to see and understand objects in the real world. He’s been with the company since 2014 according to LinkedIn. This was just a few months after Facebook bought the company for a whooping $2 billion. Also this year, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey got into trouble after his reported financial ties to “alt-right” and other white nationalist groups.

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey

Luckey wasn’t so lucky when his problems started back in September, per The Daily Beast report. In there, Luckey admitted to reporters Ben Collins and Gideon Resnick that he gave $10,000 to a group called Nimble America.

Nimble America is a group that’s focused on bringing politically charged memes from the web into reality. The group is against Hillary Clinton and planned to combat her and Donald Trump by using internet memes in real life.

The issue wasn’t whom Luckey supported for president, but the origins of Nimble America. It’s an alt-right movement that’s associated with white nationalism, conspiracy theorists, anti-Semitism, and Gamergate supporters.

Reddit user spiezer wrote on September 24: ?”If we set aside our individual political dispositions and view the situation as it is, it’s pretty clear that this is pretty messy. It’s not close to over and the chaos brewing in the VR and tech community will not end until there is better closure.

“Palmer, believe it or not, is one of the main faces of Oculus. This is not a good showing for the company. Especially in the eyes of the general public, let alone the enthusiasts.

“At the end of the day, this isn’t about his supporting Trump. It’s about his way of doing so. He’s a public figure. This isn’t a situation you can just ignore or regard as having a minute amount of importance. He’s a VR visionary and people looked up to him.”

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