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Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Until now, Mark Zuckerberg is still trying to explain to the public what his company really does. Facebook’s CEO said back in August that the social-networking colossus had no plans of being a content provider, saying that Facebook is a tech, not a media company.

On Wednesday, however, he seemed to have backtracked a bit on that statement and gave a slightly different view about his company. This during a Live video chat with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO.

Zuckerberg said in the video chat, “It’s not a traditional technology company. It’s not a traditional media company. You know, we build technology and we feel responsible for how it’s used. We don?t write the news that people read on the platform. But at the same time we also know that we do a lot more than just distribute the news, and we’re an important part of the public discourse? per

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithms

His statement came amidst the increased criticism received by Facebook’s news feed algorithms. This is the software responsible for picking the first posts you see. Sometimes it fans the flames of ‘fake news’ and allows misinformation to be disseminated. Plenty of allegations were made that fake news on Facebook contributed to Trump’s win. This suggestion was called off by Zuckerberg and said it’s ‘a pretty crazy idea.’

Regardless of this impression, Facebook announced last week that it’s increasing its efforts to control the flow of hoaxes. The company wants to make it easier to report possible hoaxes, put warnings prior to sharing a disputed article, and downplay questionable stories that will appear in one’s newsfeed. Zuckerberg added, “Reflecting on 2018, this is just something that I’m proud that people in this company take so seriously.”

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