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Facebook Music Streaming Is Not Going To Happen

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Facebook won't offer music streaming
No music streaming from Facebook

Just when everyone thought that Facebook will be joining in the Music Streaming wars, representatives from the social media giant shared that this service won?t be coming to user walls anytime soon.

The report, which first came out in website Music Ally, cited sources speaking off the record of the social media giant in in talks with major record producers to support a planned music streaming service. The idea was seeded as Facebook recently became aggressive in competing against video service website YouTube, when it comes to exclusive video content and ads. In fact, Facebook recently said that it is now offering video makers and advertising executives a significant share of its ad revenue, and to take advantage of their site?s 4-billion daily views.

A music service, definitely sounds like the next logical step.

Facebook denies

But according to a Facebook representative, music streaming is far from happening anytime soon. “We have no plans to go into music streaming.” A source familiar with the matter said the last thing Facebook wants to do right now is take on Apple, which recently launched a rather successful Apple Music, in a streaming war. Facebook’s talks with the major labels are still in the early phases, but sources reiterated Facebook wants to create something unique and unlike any other service currently on the market.

FB Focus

In a recent online Town Hall, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared that his company is focused on other projects. Mark was very vocal about his future plans for his social media empire, sharing that his team has been religiously working on futuristic concepts in his AI lab.

His plans ranged mostly about understanding human behavior, on why people post what they post, and learning what to show in a user?s timeline based on it. Their studies are geared towards helping people see more of the news that they are interested in, and getting those information without the current 10-second lag.

As we have probably encountered, Facebook is slowly introducing this service. Facebook made it possible to search for topics and copy the links without having to leave the FB page ? slowly introducing a search engine feature that could very well compete with Google.

They also introduced Instant Articles, a new tool where stories from publishers like The New York Times, The Guardian and National Geographic can instantly publish their stories on Facebook.

Facebook?s artificial intelligence lab has recently discovered an algorithm that allows facial recognition among users whose faces are hidden. According to Mark, a function like this will someday make sure that people will be updated of photos and videos where their face is included.

For listening and language, ?we?re focusing on translating speech to text, text between any languages, and also being able to answer any natural language question you ask,? he said.

Aside from these, one of Mark?s most pressing projects include helping remote places get access to free and fast internet.

In the recent months, music streaming has enjoyed a steady inflow of revenue, with various companies offering incentives to get users to listen to their music.

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