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Facebook Messenger Now More Fun With GIFs

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GIFs in FB Messenger
GIFs are now available in Facebook Messenger.

For the past year, Facebook has been working hard in building its FB Messenger as a separate product with its own dynamics that?s different from the social media site. Although it took some time to make sense of why people should download a separate application, now almost a billion users have decided to download the FB Messenger as an alternative communication option.

FB Messenger has definitely undergone major changes this year. Earlier in April, the social media giant added a video call functionality to its mobile messaging client. That means users can now video chat aside from sending messages, emojis, stickers, and making calls right from the standalone Messenger app. This makes the application more appealing to avid fans of messaging services since it works on two of the most popular platforms?Android and iOS.

Just last month, Facebook also offered FB Messenger to users who don?t have an FB account but need to communicate via the service.

By downloading the FB messenger app, users can already enjoy all the features that are available on Messenger ? including photos, videos, group chats, voice and video calling, stickers and more. And all you need is a phone number.

Added features

It was recently reported that Facebook is also experimenting on adding GIFs into their messaging app. Although the application accepts GIFs from third party providers such as Giphy and Riffsy, Facebook is now working on its own materials that will be available directly from Messenger.

Currently, a dedicated GIF button is available for use, although the function is admittedly in the experimental stage. It skims a number of trending GIFs from the third party GIFs creator, and users have the option to share them directly without leaving the Messenger interface, or installing a separate GIF application.

The negative side of this feature is that there are limited choice in one?s choice of GIF materials.

According to this report, the GIF feature is just one of the many plans Facebook will be releasing that aims to improve the quality of materials being sent and shared via FB Messenger.

How to use

The feature is actually quite easy to use. Just type your message, and click the GIF button. The choice GIF materials will come out, and you just need to double click on the selection to send it out.

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