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Facebook Messenger Group Chat Update: Meet Two New Features Of The App – Mentions & Reactions

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Messenger Update
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Facebook users have been enjoying its services for quite some time already. A number of new features have been added onto it especially to its Messenger. Group Chat is one of its great features and the latest update on the app has made it a bit easier to use. Check out all the changes the patch brings to Messenger.

Ever since Facebook added Group Chat to the Messenger, users had a hard time talking directly to a member of the group. Of course, we all know that if you really want to have a direct conversation with someone, you can just send him/her a personal message. But still, Facebook added a new feature to address the issue.

According to Wired, the new feature is called Mentions. It is a clear copy of what Microsoft’s GroupMe had released a few years ago. It will allow users to send a personal message to someone within the Group chat just by putting an @ in front of their name. After sending, the recipient’s name would then be highlighted in blue for everyone to see.

Obviously, that would be perfect to ask someone a direct question from the Group chat or publicly shame them. Some might not see the point of the feature yet, but it is indeed going to be helpful.

Messenger Mentions And Reactions

Messenger Update: Reactions

Another new feature in the Messenger app is called Reactions. Users can recall that Facebook added the feature to the main app last year. This time, through the latest update, the feature arrives on the messaging app of Facebook. This would allow users to react to something a friend has sent to you.

The same Wired post revealed that seven Reaction buttons will now be present in Messenger. That includes Love, Sad, Smile, Wow, Angry, Yes, and No. Through the new feature, it will be easier to reply to someone without the hassle of typing and just by tapping the reaction you like to send. This fits to those who are always on the go and only spend a little time on the app.

Clearly, these new features of the Messenger app will make using it a little simpler. Hopefully, Facebook would continue to exert efforts on improving their services.

How about you? What do you think of the latest Messenger update? Do you think it would be helpful to every user of the app? What other changes do you expect to see in the future? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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