Facebook Messenger Camera vs Snapchat: Which App is Better?

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Facebook Messenger Camera

Facebook and Snapchat are both competing head-to-head this month for the best app of the year. The new Facebook messenger camera now enables Messenger to really compete with Snapchat. Although Messenger?was the fastest growing app in 2015, Snapchat was the fastest growing social media network in the world.

Facebook plans to up their ante by improving the Facebook messenger camera. According to Facebook Product Head, they created a “faster, simpler and more fun way to send photos and videos.”

“This is really about you upgrading your conversations,? said?Stan?Chudnovsky, Head of Product for Messenger.

Facebook is better for Larger Conversation

Juggling with multiple conversations needs a rub and it becomes extremely difficult if the conversation is in a group chat. Facebook won the point when it comes to communicating with more friends. ?It makes no difference if you want to talk with your parents or just a regular conversation with your friends, Facebook offers more facilities for the larger conversations.

It offers the users an ability to organize their conversations. The users can save the important conversation and can also pin their frequent chats. The user can even jump in and jump out of the chat just by clicking the chat icon.

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Innovative Features of Snapchat that Beat Facebook

Nowadays, teens are preferring snapchat over Instagram. Snapchat has a good history of rolling innovative stickers which work more effectively than words. Apart from this, it offers the users the option to record and save their audio and video notes.

Facebook even offers stickers, gifts, but Snapchat?s 3D emoji stickers will surely give Facebook a run for the money. In addition to this, the user can easily integrate media without interrupting the conversation.

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Facebook Messenger camera competes with Snapchat

Snapchat introduced free video and voice calling feature in 2014 while it?s just a year that Facebook rolled out free video and voice calling feature. Both apps are offering high security when it comes to video and voice calling.

Both apps also introduced a digital payment feature through their app. Snapchat has a feature called the Snapcash which is created after teaming up with Square. Facebook even offers a similar feature in which the user simply had to link his debit card with the app.

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No matter what you choose, both the apps are offering unmatched experience. Stay with TheBitbag for getting fresh updates on your favorite social media platform and apps.

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